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Arrows & Apricots Opallac Gel Nail Art

Arrows and Apricots! Or Pastel Peaches & Arrows on Opallac’s Babes In Bondi gel polish! 🍑⏫ Take a tour below…


Some nail art I did on the #Opallac gel polish swatch I showed earlier this week here and on le Instagram.

Pastel peach shades pair supremely well with golds which lead to the resulting combination. I went with various arrows, chevron #nailstamping, and a gold arrow charm I’ve been wanting to use for 6 weeks or more but didn’t have the right mani. Nor could the activities I was doing sustain too much 3D art art work, so alas it has taken until now.

The bottle line up above, with the top and base polish used to apply the gel, and later to adhere the arrow charm to my ring finger. Though the top coat is thinner so you may have to set it under the lamp as soon as you have placed it so it doesn’t slide about or out of place.

For the stamping I’ve used MoYou London and Bundle Monster festival plates for this mani, due to the arrows instead of freehanding them, and have listed them below.




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