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31DC2014 Day 31: Honor Nails You Love

Woohoo! I just passed a man wearing an A-board and shouting “The End is nigh! The End is nigh!”
Wait, whaaat? He’s right, it is already here. In the form of this final challenge day installment for Day 31: Honor Nails You Love. I had a bunch of ideas, cos’ who can pick just one, right? So many talented artists out there.

Annoyingly my intermittent internet connection has been giving me grief all week, so it curtailed my plans (thus the late posting). In the end I had to go with the flow and based it on elements from a couple of Japanese style nails (Tokyo artist), but more colour-rich. And interpretive. And I didn’t use all gel polish. But I did opt for pointed tips now that I get to keep it all on for more than 24 hours. I’ll aim to do this challenge again soon when I’ve sorted out my interwebs, gah.

I ended up with a bit of a mash-up of doodled DNA-esque strands, a splash of gradient and a range of accented detail spanning the blingy, the metallic and the pearlescent. Et voilà !


Oh and excuse the state of my poor, dried out hands.
Like I was saying yesterday, right now my perionychium, eponychium and finger-skin be all like:


And right about now, my prunish hands have booked a week in Maui and are going on a bit of an acetone-free vaycay.

So anyhoo, I think that it was a fairly good, epic effort. As time consuming as it was (and particularly whilst I’m recovering). Thanks to all for visiting, commenting, participating and making it extra fun. (Also to Cathy @ More Nail Polish for the InLinkz for all those playing at home). What have been your favourite manis from this year’s challenge? Your own or others’.


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  1. Danielle 4th October 2014 Reply

    Done! A few days late but I missed the first few days so had a bit more to do at the end. It was tiring but also heaps of fun.

    My favourite mani that I did… so tough to choose! I think the Treasure Island pirate ones, I love nails that tell a story.

    My favourite nails of yours were the “inspired by a movie” ones. I love the vintage feel of them.

    • Author
      Lacquerista 5th October 2014 Reply

      Thank you. Well great work on making it to the end! I missed a few at the start too due to some untimely life events, so it was a (very) mad dash to catch up at the beginning.

      There were so many cool designs done over the past month over the net and instagram. I love to see how differently people interpret the themes.

      Black and gold nails are always fun – those skull and ship stamps were so cool in your Treasure Island mani. I really liked how your Fashion: Denim ones turned out but also the catch-up Day 1: Red Stars – the white Mundo de Uñas stamped so crisply! And I looove stars. I’m still waiting for my white to arrive, always sells out, and then I had to wait until international shipping came back ha.

      • Danielle 5th October 2014 Reply

        The red stars looked so nice! Stars are generally a winner for any manicure, they look so good.

        I really love the Mundo de Uñas polish, complete convert to it. I finally decided to buy some right as they stopped shipping internationally 🙁 so I was pretty pleased when they started up again!

        • Author
          Lacquerista 5th October 2014 Reply

          Mundo de Uñas is awesome. I find I rarely use any other ones. That’s what happened to me – shipping stopped the day I went to order a couple more (it was operational the night before, so that’s how I actually found out), but I mainly needed white anyways so kept periodically stalking the page for restock/reopening joy so I didn’t miss it again. Phew!! 😀

  2. Nathalie 5th October 2014 Reply

    hey there. i dont usually like sharp point nails but i really like these. good gradient. saw you on the instagram.

    • Author
      Lacquerista 5th October 2014 Reply

      Thank you Nathalie. Had fun doing them.
      Nice of you to stop by, don’t be a stranger 😉

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