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Born Pretty Metallic Dual Use Nail Stencils – Review


Dang, I see this post did not post as scheduled. As I have been out of action and without devices and internet for a little while due to boxing, packing and a multitude of tech issues, I shouldn’t be surprised haha. But since I have just noticed, now I have been able to log on to someone else’s interwebs, here it is a couple of weeks late, grr! Things will be back to normal on my end soooon!

Now, today’s post is a review of Born Pretty Metallic Dual Use Nail Stencils – Item No: 27351. You can purchase this item from BornPrettyStore.com and use my discount code BUFFQ10 for 10% off your order. This is what they look like when they arrive.


You can use these stickers 2 ways: as stay on nail stickers like I have demonstrated, or as a stencil similar to nail vinyls which you paint over and remove.

I decided to use them as nail stickers because I wanted to use a metallic base and couldn’t shoot a video to show the stencil effect, so it made more sense. Also they are holo, and who doesn’t love holo?? I’ve paired it with a simple metallic base of Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure Pennies From Heaven.


I kept it simple and used the sticker as an accent nail. Partly because I have not had time or the health to be doing complex things right now, and also because my gear and equipment is either unworking or packed away. But it didn’t matter because one of the best features about these stickers is that it can be used to jazz up a simple manicure with ease – great for when you are running low on time but want to do something arty to your fingers.

The pattern cut out of diamonds would make an equally cool looking reverse pattern if you were to use it as a vinyl, but I have not been able to yet. I’m wondering how it would look with chrome powder polished on in the gaps or if it is thin enough. That is an experiment for another day for sure. It peels off easily but is sturdy enough to handle without tearing so you can re-place it if you need to get a better fit.

In the meantime, I cut the sticker out to the rough shape of my nail and laid it over dry polish base, before trimming the sticker to fit the feature nail. It is thin enough to lay on top, but does add texture. So if you prefer not to have that textured look, perhaps add several layers of a good thick top coat to minimise the issue and make also it stay stuck longer without catching on things like they can when the top coat is too thin.

I suggest Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Top Coat, Seche if you cap the ends to avoid shrinkage. There are more equally suitable top coats, but sealing the stickers in well will help them last on your nails longer.


Also you might want to keep in mind that Born Pretty turns 6 in November and they will be having sales and other things such as this event:


Mark it in your diaries, click the image or visit http://www.bornprettystore.com/ for details!



  • Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure – Pennies From Heaven
  • HK Girl Top Coat – Glisten & Glow: @glistenandglow1 #HKGirl


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  1. Dani 29th October 2016 Reply

    Go holo!! These are nice. I like the pattern. How big is the sticker?

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 29th October 2016 Reply

      They are something different and I do like geometric patterns.

      I haven’t been able to measure the sheet as it is packed away, but I estimate it is about 10-12cm tall x 8cm wide, so you can get quite a few uses out of it especially if you just do accent nails. HTH 😀

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