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Essie Parka Perfect – Perfect for Winter!

Essie Parka Perfect – Perfect for Winter! I am wearing this beauty whilst I suffer with the cold weather. One f the few things I have on me at the moment, as my gear and I are parted 🙁 but it is keeping me warm in some part.

I love the dusty colours and this beautiful grey blue is no exception!

Buff-&-Polish - Essie Parka Perfect Swatch


Name: Parka Perfect
Brand: Essie
Collection: Winter 2013
Colour (or family): Grey Blue
Type & Finish: ‎Crème
Size: 11ml / 0.5oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth application. This was 2 easy coats. I LOVE the WIDE Essie brushes. The thin ones are still usable but in my mind always let down an otherwise amazing brand. This one has the thick brush.

It has an ever so subtle shimmer in it, which you can notice up close in certain lights or in the sun.

I found it went on smoothly and had a decent shine before I even put on the top coat. I always wear top coat for protection, but it is kinda nice when you see a polish shine in it’s natural state so well. It was a thinner formula compared to some other lacquers, as I find many Essies to be, so if you have nail ridges you might want to use a ridge-filling base coat as they may show through.

The Verdict:
I love these dusty shadowy tones, particularly in Fall/Autumn and Winter months as they really suit the mood. This is no exception. Didn’t want to take it off because it made my fingers feel warmer with the nail art I had on (which you’ll see soon 😉 ) haha.

It is another great polish from commercial polish powerhouse Essie and gets 5/5 from me for drying time, the perfect wide brush, and it’s colour. If you are a fan of muted or grey-toned polishes, I think you too will love this colour.

Sometimes I find the Essie collections can repeat colours similar to previous years, so I won’t often purchase them if they are too similar (geez, I only have so much space to store things – and the money tree is bare at this time of year), but this one is kind of unique and will definitely be decorating my fingernails on different occasions.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
There are similar ones I can think of but not exact dupes that I can find. It is like a bluer version of Essie’s Maximillian Strasse Her.

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