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Marbled Blooming Liquid & Pink Gel – Born Pretty Review

Mixed mani with Marbled Blooming Liquid & Pink Gel – Born Pretty Review for today’s nail art. I’m not as thrilled with the outcome of this since I didn’t have the activating liquid and had to use a different solution instead, so my marble looks average at best.

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.

 Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Blooming & Pink Gel

This features a couple of items kindly sent to me from Born Pretty. Including a grey Blossom solution and the pink gel featured in my upcoming review with the dreamscape plate. [EDIT: see that one here]

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Pure Spring Series Gel Polish 14 Colors

Born Pretty Pure Spring Series Gel Polish – 14 Colors

The gel is Miss You PPO2, [Item Number: 46147] a 6ml gel polish from the Born Pretty brand from the 2019 spring series of 14 colours. It’s a pretty almost pastel pink which I’ve topped with Born Pretty’s matte Top coat.

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Blooming Liquid "Newborn"

Born Pretty Blooming Liquid “Newborn”


The other nails are over a white gel polish base which is also been mattified. I have then used the Blooming Polish in a nice grey colour, BP-HI11 Newborn  – [Item Number: 46213].  This 6ml liquid is similar to an alcohol ink. I didn’t realise you actually need the clear solution to use with it, so I used alcohol instead and it still worked – but not as well as it would with the clear solution. Which is in another listing.

You can see from the image below the five colours that come in this series include a blue purple Grey and 2 with orange tones. These blooming polishes and alcohol inks tend to work like watercolours in a sense. I chose the grey called Newborn BP-HI11 to create a sort of marbled style, then over painted it to complete the look.

BORN PRETTY 6ml Bloom Nail Polish Watercolor Nail Ink - BornPrettyStore

It spreads easily and fast, so you don’t need to use too much – depending on what look you’re going for less is more. It works better on a matte base so it has something to adhere to – if it’s too glossy it will tend to pool and maybe not stick to the surface so well. They’re definitely fun to play with though, if you’ve ever seen alcohol ink nail art in action. But I recommend you get the intended spreading solution.

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Blooming Liquid "Newborn"

I used Snowed In and Moonshine from hit the bottle for the stamping as well as Born Pretty Geometry L001 plate, which has a great selections of shape and lines. I have so many of these Shapes type of plates now but still can’t get enough cos there’s always one that has shapes that aren’t on the other ones 😊

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Blooming & Pink Gel

And that concludes my Marbled Blooming Liquid & Pink Gel – Born Pretty Review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this polish.


Name: .
Brand: Born Pretty
Item Number: below
Item Type: n/a
Colour (or family): .
Size: 6ml / 0.25oz


Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off full priced items

  • Born Pretty Gel is Miss You PPO2, [Item Number: 46147] – 6ml gel polish
  • Blooming Polish in grey, BP-HI11 Newborn  – [Item Number: 46213] 6ml
  • Born Pretty Geometry L001 plate

Item Number: – Find it at BornPrettyStore.com (*you can click number for direct link or search the number at the website)

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