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Mitty Burns Salon Series Detail Brushes – Product Review & Demonstration

Welcome to my Mitty Burns Salon Series Detail Brushes – Product Review & Demonstration. I have the 3mm & 5mm detail brush and the 11mm liner brush. In a nutshell, I love them! This 4-part review is long awaited and hopefully worth the wait (and effort spent on redoing and re-shooting it all). [Edited to add video]

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section. I also have nail art examples using each, but at the risk of making this post too epic (seems to be an accidental habit of mine haha) I have opted to post these separately. And will post everything to IG once video is done!

Mitty Burns Salon Series Brushes Review!

I am super excited to show you a few of the MOST recently released brushes from Mitty Burns’ Salon Series today and will be reviewing them in this post. So sit tight and grab a cuppa so you can read my thoughts.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time it’s no secret that I love freehand nail art. Whether it’s abstract pieces or a detailed artwork, I’m a fan of both. Even more complex pieces, when time and technology permits… Which lately it has not. To be honest, I’ve had a terrible few months.

So even though I rather frustratingly had to redo and reshoot 2 of these 3 manis 🙈, plus this entire demo vid after losing the originals to my recent tech crash, it was nice to play more with the brush capabilities. I didn’t exactly replicate my first nail designs that were to be a part of my initial review for these brushes (for obvious reasons), but I enjoyed the outcome nonetheless. Might not seem it but these things take a lot of time (I do proper edits), so the video was added later. Hope you find it helpful.

Any Die Hard freehand artist or seasoned professional who does hand painted pieces will attest to the benefits of using quality tools to achieve their pieces. That’s not to say that you can’t paint some cool things with cheaper brushes, but at the same, time using better quality tools really makes a world of difference. They also last a lot longer with good care. This is true whether you paint in acrylics, gel or polish. So I always advise people who are serious about this kind of painting and can afford it, to spend a little extra and get something of a better quality.

I have long been a bit of a brush collector and love trying out new items, so I do have quite the collection. I use various brushes for different purposes, and even have sets for gels and sets for when I’m using acrylic paint and polish. Training and experience have helped hone my own personal definitions of what makes for a good tool.

I’ve owned various other Mitty Burns brushes and regularly use their detail brushes with the coloured handles (Peachy, Candy, Minty, Daisy), so no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to be able to review some of the newer offerings.

Today I will be sharing with you a demonstration and review 3 of the new Salon Series brushes: two 3 mm and 5 mm detail brushes & the 11 mm liner brush. Trust me, it was a very hard choice, because I know from my previous experience with this company I have uses for them all, haha! But I went with a selection of detail brushes.

LET’S START WITH THE DETAIL & DEMONSTRATIONS & take a closer look at each brush on its own…

Buff & Polish - Mitty 3mm Salon Series Brush

Buff & Polish – Mitty 3mm Salon Series Brush

3mm Detailer:

I’ll start out with the Salon Series 3 mm. The bristles on this brush are so tiny, as you can see from the images. This brush is awesome for really small details and detailed imagery. It’s perfect for intricate details like little flowers, lace designs or outlining. It would really suit people who paint faces or caricatures, characters, words or text, all sorts of things that require a finer line.

There aren’t that many 3mm brushes on the market and those that are aren’t easy to find. So it’s another bonus that one is now easily available. It is exclusive to Mitty, meaning you will have to purchase it from the Mitty Burns website (as opposed to stockists). But shipping is free, so you really can’t lose.

Buff & Polish - Mitty 3mm Brush

Line Demonstration (still) – Mitty 3mm Detail Brush

Not the best image, the video shows more as you can have a better idea of size in context. So be sure to watch that at the end of the post below…

Buff & Polish - Mitty 5mm Salon Series Brush

Buff & Polish – Mitty 5mm Salon Series Brush

5mm Detailer:

Next up we have the 5 mm detail brush. This is another brush that is perfect for those small details – as well as colouring in, painting outlines, and various line work.

The size difference doesn’t sound huge in theory, but the reality of the extra 2 mm is definitely noticeable when you’re painting on such a small scale such as fingernails. The 3mm is superb for super fine details, whereas the 5mm allows you a little more length for shades and fills.

Buff & Polish - Mitty 5mm Brush

Line Demonstration (still) – Mitty 5mm Detail Brush

As someone who paints both large and occasionally detailed pieces, I have a need for both a 3 mm and 5 mm brush. However if you’re someone who doesn’t paint so small or regularly you could probably get away with one of these.

Buff & Polish - Mitty 11mm Salon Series Brush

Buff & Polish – Mitty 11mm Salon Series Brush

11mm Liner:

Now onto the 11 mm liner brush. A liner brush is typically a thin brush with rather long bristles that end in a point. There is no volume to the belly of the brush like with round brushes.

This brush is great for doing longer lines down the nail, curved lines, abstract French tips & geometric shape and line work. It’s a fab tool for those times when you want precise lines; a task made much easier given its length. You can pull it almost parallel to the nail surface for lengthy lines, or use at an angle for shorter lines.

Buff & Polish - Mitty 11mm Brush

Line Demonstration (still) – Mitty 11mm Liner Brush


All of these brushes are made with a cypress pine handle that comes from responsibly grown trees. This gives it a really lightweight feeling in the hand which is a bonus when you’re doing extensive work. I find the lightweight nature of these brushes allows for more control and accuracy when you’re using them, which is a major plus for me.

Each brush came in a sturdy plastic storage tube with lids on both ends and a plastic cap over the bristles. They arrived perfectly in the mail without any signs of damage. I actually keep my brushes in the storage tubes for extra security in between usage, once they are fully dried of course.


Depending what you use the brushes with (ie; which medium) will dictate your cleaning options. For cleaning off acrylic paint or watercolour, use water. For cleaning regular polish using non acetone polish remover is best. For cleaning gel polish or gel paints using a clear gel or occasionally isopropyl-alcohol is best, if not non-acetone remover.

You want to avoid soaking in any solution for long periods of time. Make sure you do not let your chosen media dry in the brush! So clean it straight away. Also gel polish users, remember to move the brush away from the active UV lamp if painting with gel so you don’t stick your bristles together – like if you suddenly have a brainfart.


Showing you what line-work can be done, and the different kinds of strokes each brush can do…


Mitty products are cruelty free and vegan and responsibly sourced. Mitty Burns is actually certified by PETA.

If you’re interested you can actually purchase various sets of Mitty Burns brushes. If you’re a heavy user or a professional I actually recommend opting for a set because you usually get a nice storage case of some kind and a slight discount.

The original detail brushes are offered in a set that comes in a little pencil case type storage option. The Salon Series which we viewed here today comes in a pretty looking magnetic brush holder that has space for up to 10 brushes. You save about 40% so it is worth it if you or someone that has a need for a variety of brushes.

The Salon Series brush packs contain the three brushes I’ve shown here today and also a 9 mm liner brush, an angular brush, a flat brush (both of these are great as clean up brushes or painting things like petals) and the magnetic brush organiser comes in a choice of sleek black (which is my preferred option 😋) or a baby pink.


You can purchase meaty bones from various stockists or directly from the website mitty.com.au
Shipping is free and they ship internationally.

And to end, I’d like to thank Mitty Burns for kindly giving me the opportunity to review these items. You’re definitely going to be seeing them in high rotation in my heart nail art from here on.
Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed my rather lengthy review and demo on these tools.

And that concludes my detailed Mitty Burns Salon Series Detail Brushes – Product Review & Demonstration. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this series.


Name: Salon Series
Brand: Mitty Burns
Item: Detail & Liner Brushes
Collection (or family): Salon Series
Size: 3mm, 5mm & 11mm

Mitty Burns Logo

Usage Notes:
See above.

The Verdict:

Fabulous brushes. Read my full thoughts above, but I wholly recommend these ones for hobbyists who are after quality, more serious freehand nail artists, and professionals who want to achieve nice line-work.


Purchase Links & Info:

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