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Opallac Mirror Mirror – Gel Polish Swatch

I have another swatch shade from the Opallac Gel Polish colour range to show you today. This metallic chrome is called Mirror Mirror, and is described by the brand as “super-vivid metallic silver colour, with a mirror-like finish.” Luckily for you guys, being Xmas, I had a bit of time to do a little write up whilst waiting around. Read on…


The coverage for this gel polish (not including the top and base coats) was reached in 2 coats – 1 thin base layer and a slightly thicker second coat – but not too thick, as you don’t want it to pool in the sidewalls. You could even apply 3 thin colour layer coats to get the same opacity, or layer it over a solid creme colour like black or white. It has a nice light catching shimmer as you can see below.

I tried to get a more shadowy shot so you can see the range of depth in the silver metallic. It has a foil chrome finish, with particles that are thicker than the finely milled chrome powders you see around now, but doesn’t contain any glitter.

I chose this shade to show you this week because chromes are a perfect celebration shade, and we are not far out from New Year’s Eve celebrations – so I thought this base would make an awesome base for some New Year nail art. But you’ll have to wait til later in the week for that one! I already have a few ideas up my sleeve…


This is a bottle shot of Mirror Mirror, between the top and base coat bottles.


And just for kicks because I love this polish so much, here’s another angle that shows off the streak-free finish on this baby. You may have guessed that I love metallics if you follow me here or there.


Name: Mirror Mirror – available here or Priceline (AU)
Brand: Opallac
Collection: ‘A Little Spark’ Collection
Colour (or family): Bright Silver Chrome
Type & Finish: ‎Foil Shimmer Gel Polish
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
No issues with application. Coverage was complete in two medium-thin coats, as you can see the colour density from the photos. If you have long long nails though, you could do three thin ones given that some glitter and sparkly polishes can be a little see through.

This polish appears brighter in bright lights, with a nice gunmetal shadow in not so bright situations. Applying to the nail as thinner coats will avoid pooling of the gel, as some gels can. The trick to a perfect application of this is no different – best to use thin coats and build it up. This also helps with properly curing the polish.

The brush is a good size, not too thin. It is dense without being too fat, but fans out more if you add subtle pressure – which allows for good coverage in fewer strokes. It did not streak or leave visible brush strokes, which I am really not a fan of, so that

The Verdict:
If you are a fan of metallics, and are looking for a gel option, you should love this one.

However if you have never used gel polish before, just be aware that it can take a use or two to adjust using a new medium. In which case I will also be adding some great tips to help you perfect application of gel polish (in the near future).

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
In regular lacquers, it is similar in finish and colour to My Signature Is “DC” by OPI or Dazzle by Orly, but is not a dupe for either.


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