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Winter Knit Nail Art With Stamping

While most of you lot who aren’t in the Southern Hemisphere, languish in your long days and sunshine, we who aren’t can only envy you. So as I struggle to type more than 3 words without a typo, through my finger-less gloves, down coat and frostbitten nose, here is the art I did over Essie’s Parka Perfect swatch.

Buff-&-Polish - Winter Knit nail art

OK, perhaps I am embellishing a little, I don’t really have an icicle on my snout, but the rest is true. It is cold. Not Chicago in a freezer in a snowstorm kind of cold, but it isn’t warm. And when you are acclimatised to rather temperate temperatures, you definitely feel it. Not to mention I do more so because of my health issues.

So when you wear a polish that is named after a warm winter coat, what else do you do? Stamp it with a knit! And that my friends, is what I did. With the awesome MoYou London knit plate and the gorgeous Hit The Bottle pearlescent stamping polish Moonshine.

Whaddaya think, folks?




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