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Favourite Pastels for Mani Swap Circle July & A BPS Review

Thankfully it was a different kind of theme for this month’s Mani Swap Circle and we got to choose our favourite pastels. I couldn’t decide between two I love (can’t say I have a favourite as I LOVE pastels) so I used two from the awesome Pastel Pets collection from Pretty Serious and made a pastel gradient.

I was given Zoie from Manis By Zoie to recreate a choice of nails. I also did do a glossy version but the reflections were sending me nuts, so I mattified it and think it looks better matte anyways with this pastel colour scheme.

See the original below:

Now, not having all my gear still meant I didn’t have this plate on me, so I used a different Born Pretty Store plate. I also had to hand paint the chevrons, so they are a tad sloppy cos it was late at night and my eye thing…

Also I realised when choosing a photo that I’d done the wrong accent finger (sorry Zoie 😂) as having, er..how do you say it?…fuck all internet meant I couldn’t check it so I was going from memory. Which is I guess not as accurate as you probably think.

The plate is from Born Pretty Store, which I am reviewing as well. There is a selection of geometric (yes, one of my favourite styles!) shapes both big and small. Test stamping a few of the images and I had no problem with any of them transferring to the stamper – which is a good sign since there are lots of finer lines on this stamp.

The plate is specifically BP-L054 plate – Born Pretty brand plate and you can get 10% off your orders there using my code BUFFQ10. They post worldwide and just updated their website to something much nicer looking so you should go check it out anyway! If you want this plate, it’s ITEM NO: #36312 (direct link to item).

You can see how it worked in the coming video which I’ll attempt to post at some point when I’ve been able to edit out the long bits… 😉

Anyhoo, what are you favourite pastels? Do you even like pastels?? I reckon we need to do NEONS!





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