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Foiled Elastic Constellations, with Born Pretty Elastic Gel Review & Demo

I’ve called this FOILED ELASTIC CONSTELLATIONS with Born Pretty White Elastic Gel review & demo ⭐⭐ So hey! Back from an extended ‘awkward splint’ resting session, which still continues. Fell behind posting challenge manis on time 🙁, will catch up on a few…

Today’s nails are a double whammy: incorporating an example, demo & review of @bornprettyofficial White Elastic Gel & a Galaxy challenge mani for #glamnailschallengefeb

I have a better Elastic Gels demo, but haven’t been able to edit it up so decided to post nail art examples in advance 😉 I found this Elastic Gel to be different to other Spider Gels. I was expecting it to be a lot more similar but the consistency and elasticity of the elastic gel was not the same, so for me they are each suited to different uses.


 Buff & Polish - Foiled Elastic Gel Constellations

The IMPORTANT thing to do before 1st use of Born Pretty Elastic Gel is STIR IT WELL. I found it improves pliability greatly.

In comparison to Spider Gel, it was a little thicker and less pliable. Thin strands were harder to achieve – especially over distance, but doable in short runs. You do get strings with the Elastic Gel but they tend to run a shorter distance overall and are not always so thin. I found medium thickness worked fine. Thinner lines seemed to settle and spread if left too long, so flash curing should preserve those should help.

These differences make it a better choice for drawing and stretching from a point directly on the nail, or medium thicker strands; rather than say stretching Gossamer-like threads around the nail as with Spider Gel (which I’ll demo in future as well) as they tend to break. Because of this, I am classing these as two similar but slightly different products, each suited to slightly differing things.

For medium to thicker lines, dotting on the nail, and drawing, you may like to opt for the Elastic Gel. If you want to create super thin lines and to use the Gossamer Wrap winding technique (where you wind strands around the nail) then Spider Gel is probably for you. BornPretty.com sell both by the way.


Buff & Polish - Foiled Elastic Gel Constellations


The Elastic Gel Comes in 3 colours: Black, Red, White. It’s a soak-off UV Gel, so you’ll need to use with top & base coat (or over base colour). I’ve used black to create the starry night background. Comes in a 5ml Gel Polish pot [ITEM NO: 44432 ⭐ Use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off BornPretty.com orders].

It’s best to use latex to avoid skin contact. Given it can get messy, using latex or a U-shaped protector will help avoid skin contact when the strands break. Wipe off uncured gel with a lint-free wipe and alcohol or acetone before curing (not your other finger).

Cures in UV or LED Lamp. It had no cure times listed, which bugs me, so times will vary on how thick your lines & dots are. Given it’s elastic properties, it may feel a little spongy to the touch in thicker areas. I suggest 2-3mins in LED to ensure it’s PROPERLY cured.

Here is the video!


You can see I created constellations with a dotting tool over a matte & gloss foil base. Including some @hellomaniology stars stamped with @hit_the_bottle Moonshine. Topped with @opallacgelpolish Matte after wiping off tackiness – because you should all know by now how strict I am about mixing uncured product brands!

Thanks for reading, epic post!? Hope it helped you. ✌️😄 That also concludes my Foiled Elastic Constellations with Born Pretty Elastic Gel Review & Demo Post. See the products & supplies list further down!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂





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  1. Paula M 28th February 2019 Reply

    It looks really good what you did. I have heard different things of this gel but yours turned out nice. A good idea to use this way! 🙂

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 7th March 2019 Reply

      Thank you Paula, it worked well using it in this fashion.
      As you can see from the video, much easier to work with.

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