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31DC2015 Day 28: A Flag – NZ Laser Kiwi

I often find the flag nails prompt a little meh. It’s more because I generally prefer to put items representative of a country’s culture on my nails if I am representing a country, rather than a flag, mainly because I can add more variance, do skittles etcetera. And some flag designs are quite simple, so unless it is for the World Cup or some other event, Day 28 of the 31 Day Challenge is usually the time of the year when I will relent and will do a Flag mani.

But even then, I generally won’t do a regular flag. Last year I did a Pirate flag. This year I was tossing up which to pick and then it hit me. NEW ZEALAND! But not the usual New Zealand flag, the one that stood out most in their recent public entries for new flag options. It has the Silver Fern leaf (?) and the Kiwi – both representative of that country, but most importantly it has lasers. Frickin’ LASERS!

Sadly it didn’t make the final cut, but hands down, any country remotely considering a laser eyed native animal on its Country’s emblem or flag should indeed reconsider making it the official choice. Imagine the memes that would be swapped at G20 meetups.

Laser Kiwi option designed by James Gray, from Auckland

Laser Kiwi option designed by James Gray, from Auckland

So in honor of flags and humour and internet memes, ERMAGERD! Here’s my Laser Kiwi inspired Flag nails:


On a background of black, I’ve replicated the white leaf (on the index, which is pretty spot on) and the Kiwi (on the ring, which is passable). And then a green means go Laser Light running across the lot.

I thought it was missing a keyboard or a cat, (cos don’t all things on the internet involve one or the other?) but didn’t add one to the thumb because that would be changing it up too much from the original, which works quite well by itself. You can check out the finalists and more of the story via Google, the NZ Govt or here or maybe here.




  • China Glaze – Liquid Leather
  • Various other nondescript polishes
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  1. Gelic' nail art 28th September 2015 Reply

    This is awesome! I’m also a bit reluctant against the flag theme, by the same reasons as you, last time was jolly roger and then again revamped this year. XD But I can’t continue doing that forever.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 28th September 2015 Reply

      Haha, thank you! Yes, I got lucky this year because I also considered doing another Pirate flag as I’d done last year. At least we have 12mths to come up with something else 😉

  2. Zara TracesOfPolish 2nd October 2015 Reply

    Such a great flag mani! I was actually thinking of this one too, but then decided I didn’t have enough time to do the freehand design. 🙂

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 2nd October 2015 Reply

      Great minds think alike indeed! Cheers. Fair enough – I mean it definitely got a bit hectic at times. It was nice to have a day off with no nail deadlines! 😁

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