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31DC2017 Day 1: Red Gel Encapsulated Flowers

Drumroll puhlease! The nails I did with @opallacgelpolish Seductress (last post) – I encapsulated some real dried flowers in gel, incorporating negative space – an old fave! One of my go to styles.

First Challenge Prompt for the 31 Day Challenge is Red. And it is also part of the @clairestelle8challenge Back To School 🌸 Flowers are abundant when people go to school in my neck of the woods, so I went with that theme over books and pencils.

I’m a little behind on the blog, so the post is a bit late. 🍒 Also a Video Tutorial coming for this one, but everything’s extremely hectic as is & I don’t need to die right now 😂 so videos will be done when they are. I’ve had such a ball-breaker of a year and it hasn’t stopped. All my stuff is in a gazillion different places which is really frustrating and I haven’t been able to spend much time on nails. So I’ll be doing and posting what I can, despite not being able to put in the effort I’d like. This includes a bunch of reviews and swatched polishes that I have

Some cool #31DC2017 & #clairestelle8sep manis out there so far. Look forward to seeing what everyone does, so lemme know if you’re involved and add your link below to the InLinkz roll 😘 see my earlier post for all the details on that.




  • Seductress – Opallac


  • Dried flowers

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