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31DC2016 Day 09: Rainbow Fright

Day 9 of this Challenge is Rainbow. I name him Rainbow Fright (instead of Rainbow Bright) as it is a bit horriffic. It was never going to see the light of day, and was done before I had to trim the nails back down due to all this packing. So the nail length is not due to the spilling of liquid fertiliser on my hands yesterday.


This #FAIL of a mani I never posted due to it being a complete disaster. The photo is taken at a weird angle. I was working by low light in a small area and kept bumping my elbows so the stamping and the spirals are off. It looked crap so I didn’t even bother to finish it except with a matte top coat to set it so I could go to sleep (was going to be double stamped, then the spirals over-stamped with holo so the white became a drop shadow). My poor dry skin. Ugh!

Rather than miss a day, I am going to own my failures and post it anyways. So don’t judge me too harshly. 😂



  • Matte Top Coat – OPI

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