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Hurrah! 31 Day Challenge 2015 Round Up

Happy October !! Well that was a hectic September, huh? You could think of all the sleep you could have had, the movies you could have watched, the chores you should have done with the time spent on ‘nailing it’ this past month, but it would not nearly have been as rewarding as seeing it through and actually making it to the end of this years Challenge.

It was real. There were highlights, low lights, heck – even no lights (yeah my power was out for days)! There were ups (geometry, 3D, whimsy) and downs (tech issues and yeh, looking at you Flag prompt), but to get to the end is both a high and a huge relief. Yes fingertips, I know you agree. I will be giving you some time out.

Here is a Round Up gallery of all the looks that I completed for the Challenge. If you click to enlarge, you can swipe, click or flick through them with the arrow keys (depending on your device). Okay, from the top:

I guess I should list a few or the Great / Gah moments of the last month.

Particularly The Styles section, and a few others The Flag prompt
So many others doing it with you at once. Also you know you ain’t alone LOL Did I mention the Flag prompt?
Rocking a fresh mani every day Not being able to wear some manis for longer than a day, or in some cases less than, was disappointing
Being inspired by so many of you talented nail art addicts and some of the things people do Not being able to keep up with everything
Revisiting lots of blogs, adding new ones to revisit to my list… Time! So little time to do it all on top of everything else
Feeding the addiction haha A little polish fatigue on my fingers
Great excuse to finally try out some things I often don’t have time for Didn’t even get through as many untrieds as I’d planned
The comments and banter these things inspire


And then there was light at the end of the tunnel!  The 31 Day Challenge 2015 is done and dusted for another year. As time consuming as it is, it is a great Challenge to participate in – and greater when so many others choose to do it at the same time.  People from all walks of life, so many varied countries and cities around the world all taking part in the one thing makes it one of the best Challenges to be part of. I hope you all got through it in one piece. And maybe, we can do it all again next year! 😀

The interaction and inspiration makes this one of the funnest challenges to do, despite how consuming it is. There were so many great manis to be ogled, a lot of talent out there! You should all be proud 💅😋 Thanks for watching, commenting, liking, looking and I think we all deserve a sleep in! 😆💕
Now to think about Halloween…

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