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Mushy Smooshy Green Foliage – Combined Nail Challenges

Today’s mani is a messy mush of greens. As much as I love greens the colour, it’s one I tend to wear infrequently on my nails. Go figure! So for today’s #clairestelle8june June Challenge ‘Colours You Don’t Usually Wear’ prompt, I did green. And lots of it!

It also doubles as an early entry for this week’s ABC Challenge: F is for Foliage. Yay for challenges that line up!



They’re bright, they’re juicy and warranted some foliage, so I over-stamped them with leaves. I’ll leaf it with you. (#dadjoke)



The base was created by mashing a whole bunch of green polish blobs together on a white polish base, using a squishy stamper to do so. Some people now call this technique smooshy nails. I call it a hot mess, which if you don’t use a protective barrier latex or some such animal, it really can be. But not as bad as water marbling. In which case you may as well submerge your forearm in a bucket of house paint and get the same mass mess effect.



I stamped it with some cool leaves in white from a MoYou London plate in the Tropical Collection – No 10. I have amassed quite a sizeable collection of stamping plates, including many untrieds, though this one’s seen a bit of use.

You may have noticed I used my Cinderella hand (ie; the non-dominant hand) for this one’s photos for a change. Cos why not! Never hurts to share the love.




  • Kaleidoscope I’m Bright No I-06 – El Corazon
  • Kaleidoscope I’m Bright No I-12 – @el_corazon_shop
  • Rimmel – 819 Green With Envy
  • Rimmel – 825 Sky High


  • Tropical 10 – MoYou London @moyoulondon

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