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Quick Halloween Nails with Milv

Quick post since it has been a while and I still don’t have all my gear and equipment back yet. My polishes miss me, and I know this because they sent me a postcard. However it shouldn’t be too long until the prodigal polish returns…

I needed to do at least one Halloween manicure – and also to cover up the horror dry hands I have from all the packing and cleaning and boxing and what-not. The scrapes and scratches really make for good zombie or vampire nails, but alas, no time… So instead I used some indie glitter and went to town with some Milv water decals I’d bought for this occasion, and just painted on some of the rest (not shown).


Didn’t get to ad any colour tints to the decal fingers, but at least it’s something…

Here’s a shitty sunlight shot, since my lights are also MIA. Taken on the the lesser of two dry hands 😉 If I can find the footage I took I will add it to the post later. Thanks for sticking around – that is, if you’ve even noticed I’ve been gone haha…




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