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Nice melons! Juicy Watermelons – Using the Swipe Technique

Hey there, nice melons! Woo-woo! They’re pretty juicy too! Thanks to the fresh bottle of top coat that I just cracked. Hells yeah for Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat for the glossy glaze. Anyhoo, in keeping up with the June challenge theme (cos who has time for any more when you kind of over-committed yourself, amiright?) I combined my plan for Summer nails with the latest Clairestelle8 June Nail Challenge prompt: Fruit.


And in the middle of Winter, who doesn’t love some Summer loving fruit themed nails? Winter is coming, but alas, so is Summer if Jon Snow can sort out his shit in time 😅😁. I chose Watermelons as my fruit du jour because I love them and also wanted to make use of my Whats Up Nails vinyl stencils and do a ruffian mani. So why not do them all at once, huh? Ta da.


I used a selection of El Corazon pinks and their turquoise stamping polish for this mani. I will update with a fuller video later showing the process, if anyone wants to see it. Let me know if you do. I’ll have to do it during the week.

For the pink (melon) bits I created an abstract gradient using a rough polish mixing technique I use which I’ve dubbed the Swipe Technique. (So creative, I know, but I have to call it something!?) The what? It’s simple to do with a steady hand and I’ll demonstrate it better in future posts and the coming video, but it involves using a tool (either an artist implement such as a palette knife or something similar such as an old plastic card) to swipe the paint into each other in certain ways. It’s something different than the usual gradient application technique, but can yield similar results if you please.

If you look at the parts where the pinks meld together you can get an idea, but it was a bit hard to pick up on camera given the similarity in tones. But it’s something I used to do in abstract art paintings as a way of combining colours.


I masked off the other areas with nail vinyl stencils to create a ruffian ‘rind’ (aka reverse french) in turquoise. The white inner rind was created using my Pure Color No. 10 brush and some expensive professional acrylic paint from my old painting stash. The seeds were added with black. I am loving this one. What do you think?

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in seeing a video of this mani in action 🙂



  • Kaleidoscope I’m Bright No I-04 – El Corazon
  • Kaleidoscope I’m Bright No I-11 – @el_corazon_shop
  • Kaleidoscope I’m Bright No I-14 – @el_corazon_art_direct
  • Kaleidoscope Polish for Stamping St-17 – Turquoise


  • Oval Tape – Whats Up Nails @whatsupnails
  • Pure Color No. 10 Brush – Whats Up Nails

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