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Deconstructed Electric Neon Sunset – Stamped Nail Art

“It splices, it dices!” – it’s Mango Splice! Back with some nail art. Which I’m calling Deconstructed Electric Neon Sunset 🌴🌞 And yes, I’ve got home shopping commercials stuck in my head.

Neon won out over Matte in the poll I ran on my Stories, as the nail art theme to create with this gel polish from @opallacgelpolish (see the swatches here). The results were almost 70% in favour of NEON so that is what I went with.  It’s quite bright in real life, but the day is overcast, so you don’t exactly get the searing effect – and had to tone it down a bit so the camera could differentiate the colours.

I went on a mega stamping spree mixing neons with white and gold, cos I was thinking of a sci-fi Neon Sunset when picturing what I could do here. I like how it turned out. It’s a bit 80’s Miami Vice or something…?

Stamped 5 ways with @moyou_london stamping plates and some of the awesome magic that is @hit_the_bottle (stamping polishes, I’m talking about stamping polishes! Google them if you’re like “uh, what?”). Layered fun² 😁 You like? 🤔

It’s also my first mani for the #clairestelle8april X #aprilblissmani2018 🌏 #EarthDay challenge prompt (finally getting to do one for this since I had to skip the last week’s one). The other reason I was toying with this theme is because sunsets are such a beautiful earthly thing to behold. And I love watching them set when they are full of colour.

I have a few more manis to be posted for this week’s challenge just to make up for lost time haha, so will get to those shortly. So many manis, so little time!



🔥 Mango Splice – #Opallac Gel polish
🔥 Snowed In – @hit_the_bottle
🔥 Calypso Gold – Hit The Bottle
🔥 I Pink, Therefore I Am – #hitthebottle
🔥 Orange You Excited? – Hit The Bottle


🔥 Holy Shapes 19 – @moyou_london
🔥 Back to the 80s 04 – #MoYouLondon

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