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Girl Power Nail Art for International Women’s Day

Who run the world? Girls. Throwing round some GIRL P🌟WER for International Women’s Day

Yeah I know it’s rather late, but everyday should celebrate amazing chicks! 😆 So here’s to all the dreamers and the doers. The mothers and sisters (and daughters too). The role models and the leaders. The ones who had the balls to stand up and do things differently and kept saying “HELL YES!”when all around them said No. And here’s to you all. You rock!

Quick, hand-painted abstract text over a mish mash of violet (the day’s colours) fluidity using:

🌸 That’s Shore Bright @chinaglazeofficial
🌸 What A Pansy #chinaglaze
🌸 Punk The Town @sinfulcolors_official hypnotic transforming top coat #sinfulcolors
🌸 Fine lines brushes @winstoniastore#winstonia

I had recorded a small video tutorial, but it was just for Instagram as wasn’t worth putting on YouTube (too short). So I’ve embedded it below for your viewing:

Hell Yes! 😘😘

It was intended to be a fairly quick mani given I had a couple of others that needed to be done, so I went with the abstract look and decided to hand-paint a simple word on the official purple colours of International Women’s Day.

The fluid art isn’t that recognisable until you take a closer look, since it uses similar colours. But I do love the look of this technique and it’s so much fun to play with. When I get more time and energy that is what I plan to do more of! It’s quite relaxing 🙂



🌸 That’s Shore Bright @chinaglazeofficial
🌸 What A Pansy #chinaglaze
🌸 Punk The Town @sinfulcolors_official Hypnotic transforming top coat #sinfulcolors


🌸 Fine lines brushes @winstoniastore #winstonia
 Acrylic Paints


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