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Aquamarine Gemstones & Butterflies Challenge Mash-Up

OK, Bumper Challenge Product Combo Mani Edition! 😶 This nail art includes the prompts: Aquamarine @clairestelle8challenge #clairestelle8march (click the hashtag link to search the other manis done for these prompts) and Butterflies for the @glamnailschallenge  #glamnailschallengemarch …using a ton of polishes and ‘things’ to boot!


I used the new @bundlemonster Botanicals collection! For the butterfly, and an older one for the crystal. I created a smoosh base to replicate the variegated look of raw form Aquamarine gemstone and then reverse decals over the top

Items used are listed in the jump box below.

I was trying to do something quick (it wasn’t LOL) and I’m still not completely sold on how it turned out (accidentally botched it), so almost didn’t post these, but then wanted to show the new Bundle Monster Botanicals collection! And better post before the date’s over… Ergo, Aquamarine Butterflies!

See the plates (excuse the random finger 😂) ugh, reglections aside.

And for a mini review of these plates:

This new BM Botanicals Collection plates stamp beautifully! They are similar to some stickers I designed, so I knew I had to have them 😍 I’ll have more nail art using these plates real soon.

This plate is finely etched and you can see how large the images are when you compare the largest one, the central butterfly with my nails that show it. The images I tried pick up detail with both clear stamper and squishy stampers tried on this plate so far.

The one issue I did find so far was when using acetone to wipe your polish off the pates or clean it, you might want to avoid cotton balls & cotton pads and go for a lint free wipe. Due to the fine detail in these plates, and there being so many of them, the cotton fibres will get caught on the etchings and I left the plate with some that I couldn’t wipe off so you could see.

You can rinse them off under water later, and run a lint-roller across the plate, but I just wanted to mention to be wary when wiping in between each nail that you don’t get cotton in your polish, polish brushes etc.

It’s definitely not a deal breaker, but I expect all plates in this series to be similar as they have fine numerous detailed imagery on them.

Here’s the older plate with the crystal cluster…

Have a wonderful week!




💎Saltwater Happy @essiepolish
💎Blossom Dandy #essieobsessie
💎Tingle @picturepolish
💎Hello There Beautiful! @hit_the_bottle
💎My Suitor Wears Pewter #hitthebottle
💎Indigo Motif @opiproducts
💎Turquoise Aesthetic @opiaustralia
💎Top Coat #glistenandglow
💎Matte Top Coat @glistenandglow


💎BM-S323 – @bundlemonster
💎BM-S303 – #bundlemonster

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