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MoYou London Earrings Contest, Entry 1 Nail Stamping

Adding these here for posterity – my MoYou London Earrings Contest, Entry 1 Nail Stamping. This was the entry that won me a voucher (yay!) and what a nice surprise. Thought I’d missed out given it originally ended on the 30th Dec 2018 (after being changed from the 23rd Dec). But was changed again to the 6th Jan 2019 and divided into two parts.

These were already posted weeks ago on Instagram however I was unable to cross post so am adding it here now for archive purposes.


Thanks to everyone that voted, specifically for my mani – I was happy with this and how it turned out. So it was really nice to see the reaction to it as well.

These have a matte finish similar to the earrings and even a little foil stamping added for shine & contrast! 🤗 It uses several plates from the Pro & Holy Shapes lines – I was kinda stoked one plate had a pattern I could invert to create the cloud shapes (ring finger). That was the one on the Pro plate.

Buff & Polish - MoYou Earring Contest, Entry 1

And that concludes my MoYou London Earrings Contest, Entry 1 Nail Stamping Post. See the products & supplies list below!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂



🎉. Flock Of Seagulls, Roseglow Gold & Snowed In – all @hit_the_bottle
🎉. Stamping Polish – @moyra_nailpolish_and_stamping
🎉. Throne – @bornprettyofficial
🎉. Wild White Ways @essence_cosmetics
…and others!


  • Plates from the Pro collection (27-29?) – MoYou London
  • Holy Shapes 19 @moyou_london

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