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Rise & Grind Geometric Nail Art

Do you love geometric nails too? Besides florals and negative space I have a huge inkling for geometric nailart. You might’ve noticed. I a am very fond of a geometric and minimal mani. And really I should do more of them all! But given how little time I’ve had in the last 6mths and beyond, it has been hard to focus on doing anything outside life-matters. But that is what I’m in the process of trying to change now.

I liked how Nude Bae looked mattified so I kept that theme and paired it with a trusty white & gold colour combo – which always looks fly with a coffee brown neutral.

I didn’t have time to freehand and *really* need to try out some of the gorgeous stamping plates I’ve got sitting here, so this was layered stamping. Using a clear stamper for precision placement makes all the difference.



Here is the video tutorial (please go subscribe to my YouTube channel!)

PS: Things should be getting back on track in the next week or so (thankfully!), but as one reno finishes, another starts hehe. Thank god it’s not right next door this time. But at least I have some of my gear which will make shooting video easier. Will be a while longer before I get the rest, but can’t change that yet.

See you next mani with a pop of colour! Or a challenge! Or both! Argh – what should I do. Suggestions? Help!




🌓 Nude Bae – @opallacgelpolish

🌓 Snowed In – @hit_the_bottle #hitthebottle

🌓 Gold 17 – @mundodeunas #mundodeunas


🌓 Feeling Shapely 09 plate – @linanailartsupplies

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