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Hand-painted Spring Florals on Nude Nails

Do you like floral nail art? I do! Here’s the latest #handpainted flowers mani I did 🌸🌻 Cos it’s been a while & it was high time to change that! I’m hoping to get more time to do freehand art. And as I say, “when in doubt, floral it out!”…or something like that…

The creamy light tones of @opallacgelpolish Nude Bae were calling out for a pop of colour and a reminder of Spring time vibes 🌱 when all the flowers love to bloom and colour the streets

Flowers were free-handed with @winstonia_store brushes 🎨 See the base colour gel swatch in previous posts 🌺  These are the fine lines brushes from Winstonia that were used in the art. They now only sell though eBay or Amazon and no longer their own website so they can focus on those channels. Prices are the same (though not sure if they still offer discounts as they use to).

I have a video tutorial that’s live on YouTube and embedded below.



WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE – of how to recreate this look yourself:

Let me know what you think of it. Still not sure whether to talk in them or just add a text overlay as many people can read English but find accents harder to understand. And it’s lots extra work which I struggle with at the moment. So maybe if subscribes increase it’s something to look into.

Speaking of which, would love new subscribers. And it would encourage the making of better content. So feel free to pop on over and SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE HERE: http://bit.ly/BAP-YT

Let me know if you recreate them. Would love to see your take 😊




🌸 Nude Bae – @opallacgelpolish SEE THE SWATCH HERE


🌸 Acrylic paints – in your choice of colours
🌸 Fine Line Brushes – @winstonia_store
🌸 Glass palette – @bornprettystore@bornprettynailart
(ITEM NO: 37455 — Use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off ur orders)

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