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31DC2018 Day 23: Inspired By A (Horror) Movie – Nails

Continuing with the 31 Day Challenge for 2018. We’ve hit Day 23’s Inspired By A Movie prompt. For this I chose to do a random horror movie called Nails.  [Explore entries on Instagram #31DC2018 ]

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 23 Movie - NAILS Horror Film Look

31DC2018 Day 23 Movie – NAILS Horror Film – Made to look grungy


So funny thing, I couldn’t decide what to do. The movie I had planned got shelved as too time-consuming for right now. And I had some leftover hardware that I was determined to utilise to save me putting it back. I once again found a movie to fit the theme.

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 23 Movie - NAILS Horror

31DC2018 Day 23 Movie – NAILS Horror Film – Shot as is


Being a lover of B-Grade flicks, I had wondered if there was a film about nails. Fingernails mainly. It took about two seconds of Googling to find a recent movie, indeed called Nails. I haven’t seen it, and probably never will cos the plot sounds even too Z-Grade for any of my B-Grade sensibilities. There is a very fine line between awesomely terrible and completely tragic.

I assumed it was a piss-take comedy cos it has a comedian cast, but nope. I think it was an Irish/UK collab. I’ve put the trailer below the pix. If you really want to lose a minute of your life that you’ll never get back, be my guest…

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 23 Movie - NAILS Horror


I did layered painting and stamping with lots of various grungy themed imagery – blood splatters, dirty walls, spooky letters… All  typical horror film tropes. Just to get the point across.

So I managed to avoid putting away my remnant nails by incorporating them into my nail art, as nails, about a movie called Nails. Which according to the plot, is also the name of a character in said movie. Yup. A ghost called Nails. A dead subordinate who haunts people or some random stuff. Like this paralysed woman in the hospital that no-one believes. And yes it looks as bad as it sounds. See for yourself…

And here’s my grunge look close-up!

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 23 Movie - NAILS Horror Film Look


I am still catching up due to complete disconnection over the weekend so will have to catch up on all your manis (and replies) once I’m on top of it. It hasn’t been an easy week with the tech. Being fixed hopefully once and for all however. Finally!

ALSO! I’ll be doing a mini giveaway as soon as I can get my shit together! So stay tuned to here or Instagram.


And that wraps up my 31DC2018 Day 23: Inspired By A Movie – Nails mani.

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