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31DC2018 Day 24: Inspired By A Book – Punctual Punctuation

Continuing with the 31 Day Challenge for 2018. We’ve hit Day 24’s Inspired By A Book prompt. For this I chose to do a typographical mani called Punctual Punctuation! [Explore entries on Instagram #31DC2018 ]

 Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 24 Book - Punctuation


I didn’t have a particular book in mind and couldn’t pick one, so I did ALL BOOKS! At least in a sense. I did a a typographic nail art and picked punctuation marks cos Punctuation is one of those things that is super important, yet totally misused. And my editing heart cringes every time I see things like apostrophe abuse. It is needed for good grammar, which is the other part of the equation. So I wanted to pay tribute to the little things within books that make language so powerful.


Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Day 24 Book - Punctuation


“So why do you care?” you might ask. Why do I think good grammar is so important? I can answer that in a quote I once learned. Grammar is the main difference between “helping your Uncle Jack off a horse” and “helping your uncle jack off a horse”. It really needs no explanation, people either get it or they don’t. And that’s fine, I mean whatever floats your paper-book boat – but when you write professionally, these little things are the difference between getting paid and not getting paid.

I hand-painted a selection of punctuation marks – of which there are 14 main ones in the English language (NERD FACT!) in gel over a nude gel base, and dry brush in gold. Then top coated in the NEW Opallac Matte Gel Top Coat that I haven’t stopped covering things with since it arrived. So there will be more of it soon! I looove this stuff – NO WIPE, VELVET FINISH, and of course IT IS MATTE!


PROGRESS UPDATE: I’m almost on top of these posts. Thank gawd for that! Not so much seeing the rest of the posts or replying yet, but once I am fully on top of it that will get easier. Though there has been a few delays on some stuff I was expecting so now I have a lot more than planned that needs doing. In which case, let’s see how that pans out, shall we?


And that wraps up my 31DC2018 Day 24: Inspired By A Book – Punctual Punctuation mani.

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  • Soy Capp – Opallac
  • Good As Gold – Essie
  • Black gel paint
  • Gel Matte Top Coat (No Wipe) – Opallac (soon-to-be released)


  • Thin Brush

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