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31DC2018 Day 29: Supernatural Sloth

 Continuing with the running late posts of the 31 Day Challenge for 2018. I’m up to Day 29’s Supernatural prompt. For this I chose to do a Supernatural Sloth.  [Explore entries on Instagram #31DC2018 ]

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Supernatural Sloth w Laser Eyes


I wanted to use this stamp but I also wanted to include a sloth in the Challenge before it ended. I had to combine both to meet that goal, so here is what you get. A laser eyed Supernatural Sloth! You can barely notice the little horns it has, since it is from the underworld.

He’s probably the safest underworld creature to be stuck with if given the choice. Cos he’s obviously the slowest. So instead of yelling “RUNNN!!” you could still escape his burning laser-beams with an average paced walk. Unless your legs were incapacitated, but even then, it’s on historical record that people stuck in quicksand have managed to escape before Supernat Sloth could reach them. So…you know…

I decided to combine with a #clairestelle8blisskisshalloween prompt since I was gonna be posting these late, ergo the ghosty stamp for the Gruesome Graveyard on the 6th. Love this stamp image! It’s very Munch-inspired, from his The Scream painting.

Buff & Polish - 31DC2018 Supernatural Sloth w Laser Eyes

My rest day turned into a couple, so I am only behind in the posting of these but have completed the challenge. Stay tuned for the last two, as long as some more swatches in the coming days. I will also get back to the comments and catch up on your manis when I’m done. Been a little snowed under and quite pooped. It was an epic journey.

Remember to grab the Finisher Badges if you wish from this post.


And that wraps up my 31DC2018 Day 29: Supernatural Sloth mani.

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  1. Cindi 6th October 2018 Reply

    This is so creative and fun! I love it. Beware those laser beam eyes.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 9th October 2018 Reply

      Hehe, thank you so much Cindi 😊💙 So happy to hear it.

      Yes, watch out for the killer lasers – you’d better run, or maybe start casually walking, so you can escape his slow, but impending DOOOOOMM!! 😂

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