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OPI’s Foray into the Extended Wear Polish Market with Infinite Shine

Due out soon this month are the first 30 shades of OPI’s latest offering Infinite Shine. This is OPI’s foray into the extended wear polish market – the next gen polish product that wears like a gel, and removes like a regular lacquer. Think CND’s Vinylux line – which was the first to market, though this new line uses a three-step system with base and top coat. “Prime. Lacquer. Gloss.”

Unlike consumer releases in the recent long-wear market such as Revlon’s Gel Envy and Sally Hansen’s Miracle Shine Gel, Infinite Shine is part of the OPI Professional product line.


We have something shiny in store… ✨Get the wear-time & high shine of GelColor but without the light curing! #InfiniteShine Ask your salon professional or salon distributor for details!

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As announced on The Industry Source website:

…INFINITE SHINE Gel Effects Lacquer System – a nail lacquer system that produces the rich color, intense shine, and lasting wear of gels, without the need for LED light curing or removal by soaking. Thirty beautiful shades in colors that only OPI can deliver in a classic, sophisticated crème finish that applies like a lacquer, removes like a lacquer, and shines until you take it off.

…[Uses a] primer that prevents staining and has real sticking power. 30 Shades featuring time-released pigments that keep color rich. Gloss top coat that creates dimensional shine – all creating the perfect environment for lasting, high-shine, on-trend, fashion-forward nail color.


OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System


INFINITE SHINE in summary:
• 3-step system – Prime (base), Lacquer (colour), Gloss (shiny top coat).
• No LED or UV light is needed
• Claims 7-10 days flawless wear
• Shine lasts until you remove it
• Removes just like regular polish with acetone
• 30 Shades initially – plus more to come in 2015

I don’t tend to have wear problems with my polish unless I am being unusually rough on my hands, but I can see Infinite Shine being a great option for those who are, or who don’t want the maintenance of gels application and removal.

Will you be trying it? Fill out the quick poll below or add your thoughts in the comments.

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