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Rose Gold Glitter Nails with White Stilettos & Bling

And then I blinged it! The previous Minimal Art hand-painted Stilettos – needed some simple sparkle on that white over the Rose Gold Glitter πŸ˜„ Here’sΒ Rose Gold Glitter Nails, Stilettos & Bling for your afternoon’s eye-candy…

Buff & Polish - Rose Gold Glitter Nails Stilettos


The hand-painted Stilettos are really quite simple but look classy in white over the Rose Gold Glitter Gel Polish – you can catch up on those swatches by clicking here. I really like to pair white with golds of all kinds.

Buff & Polish - Rose Gold Glitter Nails Stilettos

Thus, this is the final result of previous mani. I carefully freehanded some Skinny Stilettos overΒ @opallacgelpolishΒ Rose Quartz then added some crystals πŸ˜ƒ Couldn’t quite capture the refraction as well as IRL, but glisten they did – especially in the sunlight.

The damn net was down (yet again!? Why??? aaarghhhhgh πŸ˜“πŸ˜’) and I couldn’t post this follow up yesterday, so it’s a bit late.

Which do you prefer – plain or embellished?





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  1. Jemma 23rd August 2018 Reply

    Rose Gold is all the rage in our Salon at the moment. Have been looking for new designs and this has just been added. Thanks!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 28th August 2018 Reply

      Rose Gold is one of my favourites, such a classy colour.
      Not a problem – it’s great hunting for new inspiration, thank you for stopping by 😊

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