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Opallac Mango Splice – Gel Polish Swatch

If ever there was a need to Match Your Mani to Your Drink, this one would be a perfect match for your Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Holy shit this is a great orange, right? Perfect for Halloween too! 😉Getting a bit ahead of oneself though ahem…

Quick intermission with this week’s gel polish swatch that’s perfect for warm weather – even Autumn/Fall 🍁🍂

This warm Orange shade is @opallacgelpolish in Mango Splice and she’s suuuper glossy when top coated 🤗 This was 3 super thin coats for swatching purposes, but 2 is adequate.

Find this at Opallac or @pricelineau



Name: Opallac Mango Splice – available here or select Priceline (AU) stores
Brand: Opallac
Collection: Core Collection
Colour (or family): Warm Orange
Type & Finish: ‎Crème
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy this is 3 thin coats as mentioned before. It was thinner than some other shades of gel in this brand, so I suggest applying in thinner coats and do more of them if you need to. Just so you have a smoother application and don’t get pooling in the sidewalls, cos that shiz is not cool, am I right? Yes, you know I’m right. And even if you don’t, just trust me – I’m right. Ha!

I like the finish and the shade of this and had no problems with application of it.

The Verdict:
Glosstastic with a top coat, you can see from all the many reflections just how glossy we are talking. So if you like that glass look, I recommend it. Not everyone is into the oranges but I love them. If you do as well, you likely will too.

It has warmer midtones, but still looks good on various skin tones, especially cool, tanned or olive tones. You could possibly mix it with the same brand’s very pigmented white shade called French Affair to make it pop more, or even pastel-ise it a bit if you are lighter or darker in tone.

In nail art it makes a perfect sunset base. If you are into yellows and oranges, I think you’ll enjoy wearing this one.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
Reminds me of a tamer, gel version of how OPI’s Juice Bar Hopping would look in certain lights, but it is not so bright.

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