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Mani Swap Circle – Red, White & Brown Lines w Negative Space

Here’s my entry for the Mani Swap Circle – Red, White & Brown edition for Valentine’s Day February 2018. I started out intending to do something different and ended up with this recreation.

I was to recreate a mani by RaeNaility @raenaility who had lots of fun stamping manis, with lots of potential geometric picks, (and a ton of cute baby photos of her adorable daughter), but I settled on this ‘lines with negative space’ look. Because it combines two of my favourites in one.

I topped it off with matte and gloss but I liked the matte look better in my photos, so that is what you gets. THe matte topper is from Polish My Life who recently announced it was closing as has been the case for many a beloved Indie brand. Sad to see it go, as Shaneka made some amazing creams, but these things are very time consuming so it is understandable.

Here is the original mani:

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And the MSC collage for Feb 2018:

More Valentine’s Day nails to come!





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