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Opallac Misty Rose – Gel Polish Swatch, Matte & Gloss

A Rose by any other name…! Meet Misty Rose from Opallac Gel Polish. It’s a combination of light and dark pink with a lovely dusty tone, that makes it especially perfect for colder months, evening wear or Autumn. Gel Polish Swatch, in Matte & Gloss below. I love a muted shade and this one is no exception! Read on for the review and a look at this in the matte and gloss finishes 😍

This recently released shade comes in a double pack of neutral pinks, the other one being Sugar Blossom. It’s called the Pretty in Pink Duo Pack and is great for the pink lovers who want something work safe as well.

Here she is looking all glossy. All it took was 2 coats and a biscuit to get her looking fly!


And because I am slightly obsessed with matte finishes, I wanted to show you how it looks with a matte top coat. Pretty awesome both ways if you ask me! Opallac don’t have a gel matte top coat, but you can use other brands. Even Born Pretty have an affordable one [item no: 32016 ✨ use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off your order] which I’ve seen on the site. I think every collection needs a matte top coat.


They arrived with an awesome array of cookies that were so hard not to eat straight away (photos first, right?) but once able to … OMG! SO. DAMN. GOOD! These cookies were available to the first purchasers and really made the packs even more special to receive.



Name: Misty Rose – available here or select Priceline (AU) stores
Brand: Opallac
Collection: Duo Pack Collection
Colour (or family): Pink
Type & Finish: ‎Crème
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy this is 2 coats. I had no trouble with application whatsoever, however be advised that you will want to shake it well in advance to make sure the pigments are properly combined, being that this is a gel polish. And like regular polish, gels can still separate.

It went on smoothly and with medium thin layer did not pool in the sidewalls or ‘cuticle’ area. Nice and opaque as a Crème finish.

The Verdict:
Adore dusty shades, this one is great. Since pink is not usually what I’d consider a ‘favourite colour’ I am very particular about the type of pinks I wear, tending to opt for hot neons, pastels or muted tones like this. It suits both light and dark skin tones and would look beautiful just plain or as the basis for nail art. Even a simple glitter accent nail in rose gold would pair nicely.

You can find this as part of the 2 pack mentioned above, which saves you some money as opposed to purchasing separately. Both of the polishes in this pack are what I’d consider work friendly for those of you who need to tone it down in the workplace.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
I have a gorgeous regular polish from Floss Gloss called Lipliner which is not a dupe, but Misty Rose reminded me of a slightly pinker version of this shade.

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