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The Family Jewels – Jewels Layered & Stamped

What’s better than being kicked in the family jewels? πŸ’Ž WEARING THEM ON YOUR NAILS πŸ˜‚ I’m a comedian too

Ah, yes indeed. I’m sure most would agree with that. The base polish you may recognise from the earlier swatch: Misty Rose from @opallacgelpolish

And nowΒ  for some flat Finger Bling – Layered Stamped jewels!

I haven’t had the time or space to do much of my beloved freehand lately πŸ˜”, so have been stamping up a storm. This uses the awesome @uberchicbeauty Collection 22 plates

Jewels were double stamped with a clear stamper and love. Here’s a little video tutorial –Β  the full version on YouTube.

Sometimes I find with plate sets that the designs can be a mix of hit or miss – in terms of my own personal tastes, but this is a really cool plate collection with a great range of geometric, organic, and layered imagery 😍

These are the images from the plates in UberChic’s Collection 22 so you can drool…

(courtesy of UberChic Beauty where you can find this set)

So yes, these are a bit more up my alley. The images with the arrows are designed for layering and look really cool with the amount of possibilities. Best used with a clear stamper of some kind for precision though πŸ˜‰

Do you like this collection or perhaps even have it too?




  • Misty Rose – Opallac (swatch & review here)
  • @hit_the_bottle Polishes used:
    πŸ’… Spun Gold
    πŸ’… My Suitor Wears Pewter
    πŸ’… Psycho Pink (aptly named)


  • Collection 22 stamping plate – UberChic Beauty

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