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Drag Marble Gel Nail Art

Ready for Friyay with some Opallac Poochy #gelnails nail art. Sure #onwednesdayswewearpink but weekends felt left out, so for this weekend only, On Weekends We Wear Pink. With white and silver highlights of course!

This cheeky on-the-nail drag marble uses @opallacgelpolish French Affair white & Mirror Mirror chrome on Poochy (shown earlier). You may be graced with a video tut later if this one survived the aliens (see last post)

The shades used above are below:

I’m a day early for #clairestelle8jan Circles prompt, but if Claire can do ‘neon 17th Century’, I can do a Deconstructed Circle ⭕🔴 Since this pattern started with a series of dots ••• let’s call it artistic licence 😉

I’m posting it late here, but you can keep up to date on Instagram.
Will post the video when I have the energy to edit it. Here’s yo video-oh-oh!



  • French Affair (white) – Opallac
  • Mirror Mirror (chrome) – : @opallacgelpolish, on
  • Poochy (pink) – #opallac


  • Thin nail art liner brushes, non-descript

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  1. Polish Perfect 17th October 2017 Reply

    Compared to other gel nail polish like Essie, and Zoya, do you think Opallac is better?

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 9th January 2018 Reply

      Hi – apologies for the delay, was on a break and did not see your comment.

      It’s hard to compare as they are different, aimed at different markets, so depends on your usage. If you mean regular Essie Gel Couture and other no-lamp gel-like polishes, I think those are great for slightly longer wearing but don’t have the same resilience or staying power as lamp cured products.

      If you mean how actual Essie Gel (salon) compares, I’d say there’s slight differences in viscosity. Cure times for Essie Gel is faster and their bottles are larger (12.5ml vs 7.5ml), though I don’t yet own enough Essie Gel to give a better comparison.

      Sorry for the long-winded answer; didn’t know if you meant Essie gel Gels (tho I assume you did), or gel-like polishes because you mentioned Zoya. For the record though, I love Zoya (regular) polish. Always get longer wear out of it with good prep, but it doesn’t rival the gel wear time of either of these IMO. 😉

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