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Red & Pink Valentines Nails – Matte & Negative Space

Keeping up the (slightly bastardised) theme of ‘this weekend we wear pink’ I have a Red & Pink Dots & Stripes look. This is my first Valentine’s Day nail art for the season πŸ’ You’d never guess the heart is ever so strategically placed to cover a dent.


It’s primarily for the ‘red and pink’ prompt that’s part of #CrumpetsNailTarts 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge someone posted on IG. Though #26GreatnailArtIdeas will probably be Β½ that from me, since you know…life. As much as I’d love to have boundless amounts of both energy and time, I just don’t. So I figure some is better than none 😁 amiright?

IΒ found and am doing this via Instagram (or here), but the post said there is the the mainΒ FB group for it. You can search the hashtags in the paragraph above to see the Instagram entries like mine. Direct links for your ease πŸ™‚




β€’ Barbie – Mundo de UΓ±as: #mundodeunas
β€’ Red – @mundodeunas
β€’ Le Top Coat – Polish My Life: #polishmylife
β€’ Matte Top Coat – @polishmylife


β€’ Pro XL Plate 01 – MoYou London: @moyou_london #moyoulondon

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