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Geometric Brights for Glam Nails Challenge

Geometric Nails in Brights – yes, finally some Challenge Nails!

These are for Glam Nails Challenge April. I needed something bright and sunny on my tips given the morning was overcast. It did brighten up however, and why wouldn’t it with this tropical yellow polish?

I did an OPI multi-gradient base using a sponge. Then added some shapes and dots for kicks. The shapes were mostly stamped using a neon and a holo regular polish (not stamping polish for once) and I stuck on some gold shapes as an accent. Not that you can see their colour in this light…

I don’t always post every mani I wear as I sometimes run out of time to shoot, do and process everything but I’ll have to get a shot of the rose gold holo next time. It’s from another of my fave brands, Floss Gloss and is pretty sweet.

Not tutorial for this sorry, have had fuck all energy lately and was also short on the limited time I do have, so just did it on the fly.

Here’s a look at the goodness in the BMC plate I used however…some images:

I love having this plate on hand so I don’t have to freehand or cut out my own shapes when doing multiples. Which is fun but utterly time-consuming and seriously, Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

So you like, or nah?




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