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A Colour Popping Abstract Neon Yellow Geometric

NEON GEO! 🔺⏹️⚫ No secret geometrics & abstracts are some of my favourite, so I wasn’t gonna pass up the opportunity to do A Colour Popping Abstract Neon Geometric nail design for the @glamnailschallenge Geometric prompt for #glamnailschallengefeb!

Buff & Polish - Abstract Neon Geometric in Yellow, White, Black

These were painted freehand in polish, with a little barcode stamp in a neon yellow, black & white combo for a fresh, poppin’ palette 🎨  Because abstracts yeahhh! I really like the colour palette. Was kind of freestyling the design as I went, but that turned out kinda OK too.

Bought the Sinful Colors yellow aft @the_joy_of_polish insisted and forced it upon me haha mentioned it (such an enabler! 😁) to see how it compared to my current (and long-standing) fave Neon Yellow regular polish that I own so far – which is “Crazy” by @picturepolish 🌟 You can check that out in this post. I should do a swatch of it when I can paint properly again. Consider it added to the list!


Buff & Polish - Abstract Neon Geometric in Yellow, White, Black

Freehand with a little stamp 🙂 – Abstract Neon Geometric in Yellow, White, Black

This Sinful Colors one looks okay here, but it sure ain’t as bright without white undies (undercoat). So I highly recommend using one! It’s weird to see they turned up in stores here, because they were released in the US a couple of years back. I guess better late than never haha. And one can never have too many highlighter yellows in their stash!

Say what?! Twas done earlier & ready to post on the actual date, which I’ve barely managed 🤗 Later than intended – but been at the mercy of workmen scheduling… Now if you’ll excuse me as I need to go sleep for at least another week 😪😴 I’ll be under a rock if you need me!

And that concludes my Colour Popping Abstract Neon Yellow Geometric nail art Post. See the products & supplies list below!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂



🔺 Out Of Space @sinfulcolors_official
⭕ Snow White @sinfulcolorsanz
🔺 Throne @bornprettyofficial
⭕ Top Coat @glistenandglow1


⭕ Brushes @mitty_burns
🔺 Holy Shapes 19 @moyou_london

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