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Peach Cuticle Oil Pen – Born Pretty Review & New Launch

Born Pretty updated their branding and as part of this, recently relaunched some new look nail products and items – including cuticle oils and various nail polishes & treatments. I was sent this item to show you, a new look cuticle oil pen. So here’s my Peach Cuticle Oil Pen Born Pretty Review.


It came shrink-wrapped in plastic for hygiene and leak-proofing, and in a nice light-coloured box. It doesn’t weigh much at all. It has a soft brush head at one end and a twist cap so you can twist out the oil through the brush as needed. This is different to the tube-type cuticle oil brushes that you press in to release the oil, but achieves the same thing.


And a nice, awkward shot of my nails that shows the cuticle oil on. I got the peach scent. It isn’t too strong, or overpowering. But you can definitely smell it. They also have lavender, almond, coconut and pineapple variants. Buy them here [ITEM NO: 39329] or at www.bornprettystore.com. Use my code BUFFQ10 to get 10% off full price items in your order.


I’ve added a comparison to some of the mainstream cuticle oil pens I use. Including my beloved OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go pen, and the Sally Hansen version Cuticle Rehab. Both are tube type brush pens and they oil continaed is more gel-like than a runny liquid like in the Born Pretty – which is similar liquid to bottled cuticle oil.


Above is the size comparison and below a brush line-up. Actually a brush comparison side on. Of the squeeze tubes, I prefer the OPI brush to the Sally Hansen one. It’s softer and more shapely to me.


And another angle. The Born Pretty cuticle oil pen is a great item to carry in your handbag, perfect for on the go use. I found it dried quickly and did not leave a greasy residue like some do. I do like this item and recommend it. Well worth the couple of dollars!


Look at the promo imagery for the other options:

(Courtesy of Born Pretty)

And that about wraps up my Peach Cuticle Oil Pen – Born Pretty Review.

On a sidenote: My parcel arrived after the launch date of June 6th 2018, but it was worth the wait. I waited to post this a day due to the fact their store server went down, but it is back up now and so you can head over and purchase.



Name: Peach flavour – Cuticle Oil Pen – Buy them here [ITEM NO: 39329] or at www.bornprettystore.com.
Use my code BUFFQ10 to get 10% off full price items in your order.
Brand: Born Pretty
Collection: Cuticle Oil
Colour (or family): Clear
Type & Finish: ‎Oil
Size: 2ml / 0.07oz

Formula & Application notes:
Easy to apply, the hardest part was getting the shrink-wrap plastic off the tube haha. A little tricky with freshly painted nails and trying not to scratch it for photo purposes 😉

Most of my thoughts for this are in the review, but in summary: you twist to release the oil and paint it on with the brush attachment. It is runny like bottle cuticle oils and comes in 2ml.

The Verdict:
I like this item, and will likely leave it in my handbag for use on the go. So convenient to use and store and the twist top lid ensures the product will only release when twisted, so less chance of leaks.

I am yet to see how long this tube lasts, but if I remember I will come back and update this review.

Dupes/Similar Items:
Other twist pen-type cuticle brush applicator tubes.

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