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Golden Glitter Gradient New Year Nails

I for one am happy to be kicking 2015 to the curb, and embarking on a much improved 2016. In all areas. So to ring in the new season I recently went for a glam glitter gradient – gel nails of course, cos who wants to be getting shards of glitter falling into their celebratory Water on the Rocks, eh? Not I.


There was a bit of extra bejewelling to be added, but I decided to leave it as is. There are 4 colours of glitter, though it’s harder to tell in the photo. I should have posted these the earlier but I was resting up. Still getting over Xmas. Have a great one wherever you may be! Plans?



  • Cuccio Veneer – Base & Top Coat
  • Cuccio Veneer – Tell Aviv About It (for the base)

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  1. Joanne 20th January 2016 Reply

    I love these… sooooo sparkly! The gradient is subtle, but absolutely there. Did I mention I love these?!?

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 20th January 2016 Reply

      Thanks so much Joanne! 😁
      Yes it is definitely subtle. I’d recently cut my nails so I had a bit less room to work with at the time hehe

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