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Christmas Nails with a 3D Tree & Grumpy Cat

Here are some more Christmas Nails, as I have not yet posted the others that I’ve recently donned. These were done for the Born Pretty Xmas Nail Art comp. I was going to do them anyway, but I just added a quickly hand-fashioned ‘3D tree with presents’ fixture. Bloody hard to shoot to get all the angles haha; talk about starting to get a hand-cramp. But there is a snowflake charm atop the mini tree, and some ‘presents’ that sit below.

You can see the other entrants and vote for a winner here. My entry is number #439 – would be grateful if you could take a moment to throw a vote my way, if you deem it fit.


The landscape is a hand-painted snow scene from somewhere in the arctic circle, where Grumpy Cat makes an appearance. I mean you know how much he just loooves Chrimbo. Or anything actually. I dunno. It’s something different 😂😁 why the heck not! Have a great day 🎁✴🎄 xx

And yes this was scheduled to post earlier but somehow didn’t…



  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Various paints and polishes

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  1. Jae ProcrastinatingPolishr 28th December 2015 Reply

    GTFO this is amazing! How you don’t have a bazillion votes is beyond me. *throws flowers*

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 28th December 2015 Reply

      Haha, thanks Jae! *catches flowers* 🌸😁
      *gets tackled by Miss Columbia*
      Unfortunately I didn’t get to upload it til the last day or two, but fingers X’d.

  2. julia 29th December 2015 Reply

    Wow your nails look so lovely, I like this manicure thanks for sharing!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 29th December 2015 Reply

      Thanks Julia 😊 I hope you’re enjoying the end of the year!

  3. Ren Sway 13th November 2021 Reply

    This looks so beautiful art , will surely try this.Thanks for posting this up .This is a very informative article surely. I hope that you guys will put up more informative articles in future.

  4. Anthony Joshua 17th November 2021 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this information, this looks so beautiful.

  5. Read For Save 27th January 2022 Reply

    This looks so excellent workmanship , will certainly attempt this.Thanks for posting this up .This is an exceptionally educational article most likely. I trust that you all will set up more enlightening articles in future.

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