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Christmas Nails with a 3D Tree & Grumpy Cat

Here are some more Christmas Nails, as I have not yet posted the others that I’ve recently donned. These were done for the Born Pretty Xmas Nail Art comp. I was going to do them anyway, but I just added a quickly hand-fashioned ‘3D tree with presents’ fixture. Bloody hard to shoot to get all the angles haha; talk about starting to get a hand-cramp. But there is a snowflake charm atop the mini tree, and some ‘presents’ that sit below.

You can see the other entrants and vote for a winner here. My entry is number #439 – would be grateful if you could take a moment to throw a vote my way, if you deem it fit.


The landscape is a hand-painted snow scene from somewhere in the arctic circle, where Grumpy Cat makes an appearance. I mean you know how much he just loooves Chrimbo. Or anything actually. I dunno. It’s something different 😂😁 why the heck not! Have a great day 🎁✴🎄 xx

And yes this was scheduled to post earlier but somehow didn’t…



  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Various paints and polishes

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  1. Jae ProcrastinatingPolishr 28th December 2015 Reply

    GTFO this is amazing! How you don’t have a bazillion votes is beyond me. *throws flowers*

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 28th December 2015 Reply

      Haha, thanks Jae! *catches flowers* 🌸😁
      *gets tackled by Miss Columbia*
      Unfortunately I didn’t get to upload it til the last day or two, but fingers X’d.

  2. julia 29th December 2015 Reply

    Wow your nails look so lovely, I like this manicure thanks for sharing!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 29th December 2015 Reply

      Thanks Julia 😊 I hope you’re enjoying the end of the year!

  3. Ren Sway 13th November 2021 Reply

    This looks so beautiful art , will surely try this.Thanks for posting this up .This is a very informative article surely. I hope that you guys will put up more informative articles in future.

  4. Anthony Joshua 17th November 2021 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this information, this looks so beautiful.

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