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Summer Silhouette with Palm Tree Vista on Gel

Hola! Today’s nail art is a Summer Silhouette with Palm Tree Vista on Gel Polish. Opallac Fluro This was the base that inspired the theme with it’s hot, hot neon vibes.


The palms were hand-painted with acrylic paint, as were the gulls or birds. The lines are stamped from a MoYou London plate. It’s nothing too complex but I like the way it turned out. Whilst I didn’t have to do it with this design, one of the greatest benefits of painted nail art on gel polish is if you make a mistake or don’t like what you did, you can easily wipe it off and start again without damaging the base layers like when using regular polish.

I’ve been dreaming of an island holiday because I haven’t has a holiday in many years and can’t travel at the moment for various reasons, but being Summer where I am, I have to travel vicariously and decided palm tree vista was apt for all this ridiculous sweat-box weather we’ve been having.  Orange you glad that there’s a bright side to all this?

Here is the two part video tutorial. First up is the painting of the palm trees:

Second we have the stamping and final touches:

Liking how these turned out and didn’t want to take them off. ☹





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