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Vintage Blooms on Hot Pink – BM Botanical Collection

As promised, more nail art with these fab new plates! Vintage Blooms on a hot, hot, Hot Pink – using the Bundle Monster BM Botanical Collection that just dropped πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ OMG! I am loving this set hard. Seriously. So. Good. !!!


So we had a little accident with the images for this mani. And Jan was not happy!* (stay tuned for this reference). This entailed redoing the entire mani & reshooting the whole dang thing (finding it arduous without all my gear). So I’m behind again but we got there in the end!? πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


I’ve shown it with both gloss (below) and matte (above) and can’t settle on which I like best – though I’m leaning towards the matte cos it gives it those Vintage Paper vibes. And I freakin’ love matte!


How good is this plate, eh? I mean, check it out! Each image picked up like a dream with clear jelly, squishy and firm stampers. Images are quite detailed, but pick up beautifully and are etched very well. You can see how fine the lines get in the centre 😍 I am crushing on this set. Hard.

Despite the amount of detail it didn’t actually catch cotton fibres upon cleaning the polish from the plate – unlike the previous one with all the insects and butterflies. See the previous post on this for more details on that.

As I was going for the Vintage Print look I kept the colours solid (I couldn’t wait to crack this set open and did ’em the day these plates arrived last week πŸ˜‚). So tempting to add a gradient though.

These Blooming Flowers are for theΒ @glamnailschallengeΒ #glamnailschallengemarchΒ prompt 🌼🏡🌺 You know, cos I heart florals and all… (was gonna add some ghosts forΒ #clairestelle8marchΒ too, but time escaped and so did the opportunity…)

I’ve been wanting to pair hot pink with beige for some time, so at least that’s out of my system!

Watch the extended video tutorial here (and subscribe to my YouTube for more):

Now back to the reference*. This saying was from an ad for the old printed phonebook cut off dates, spawned a cult following and became part of the countries culture and vernacular. Here is the ad for those of you who haven’t had the privlege:

You’re welcome.

Congrats if you made it this far reading! πŸ… A medal for you! Do you like this plate series?



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🌸BM-S324, Botanicals Collection plate – Bundle Monster

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