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Lazy Sloth Nails feat. Mitty 3mm Salon Series Brush

Today I have some freehand Lazy Sloth Nails featuring the Mitty Burns 3mm Salon Series Brush shown in recent posts. This is the freehand artwork I did using the 3mm brush for all of it. It comes a little later than the other two as I wanted to post when I could cross post it to Instagram, but have had a few uploading troubles on all platforms (as you may have seen)!? You can read my full review and see the info & video demo on this brush here.

I put a helluva lot of effort and work into my review of these brushes and (frustratingly) it took me so damn long after losing the work the first time and having to redo, so I really hope you’ve found them useful. They’re a great brush 😊

Whilst we’re on the subject: It might not look it, but I put tons of time and effort into most of my nail posts & reviews (especially reviews), and it can take ages. So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be trying to curb the amount of time I spend on creating such detail for a while, so I can get more done in the limited amount of hours I have available. It’s become a battle given all the delays I’ve had recent months and much of 2019. I see many ‘reviews’ that are a basic picture and 2 paragraphs, and no-one bats an eyelid, so taking that into consideration, I’m not going to pressure myself to go to such great lengths with many of my upcoming posts. Except in Feature Articles, or where I choose to (or have prearranged).

I mean seriously, if that’s the norm, I think I’m safe haha 😂 I’m not going to half-ass it, but do expect a few changes. As always, check out the blog, I often post here before cross-posting to socials soon after.

Buff & Polish - Mitty 3mm Brush Freehand Lazy Sloth Nails

Why a sloth? Why not!. After a really rough 6 months, I was feeling off kilter and got pretty ill. All I could do was rest till I threw off the lingering lurgy. So I was inspired to painted a sleepy sloth on my nails (when I was able of course). Plus I think sloths are equal parts hilarious and fascinating. So this one is super lazy and tired and ready to sleep a hundred (thousand) hours. Sounds familiar amiright?

Did a little type and some leaves to show how well this brush works for that.

Buff & Polish - Mitty 3mm Brush Freehand Lazy Sloth Nails

Mitty 3mm Brush – Freehand Lazy Sloth Nails

I went glossy for this one. I painted the lines and most bits with this single brush using acrylic paints and it was smooth to use like the others I have reviewed. I painted each of the brush nail designs only with the respective brush being shown so you can see what can be achieved. I wore these a bit, cos sloths are funny.

And the 3 brushes I reviewed are here next to each other for comparison sake…

And that concludes my Lazy Sloth Nails feat. Mitty 3mm Salon Series Brush Post. See the products & supplies list below!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂



  • OPI
  • China Glaze
  • Acrylic Paint



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