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Pastel Holo Mermaid Nail Art – Combined Challenges

Hola! Ladies and Mermen! I’m in like Flynn with a Pastel Mermaid Mani (complete with redundant fluid art) for a 1-2 challenge punch! @Clairestelle8challenges had the Mermaid/Men prompt and @GlamNailsChallenge was Pastel so I combined them! Check out IG for the other entries and prompts for March 2018.

You like? I used a ton of things in this mani (listed below the text) and the fluid art was redundant because I changed tack hallway thru and added some holo dust, which I knew’d cover the cells, but I just wanted sparkle!

The pastels are mostly from the Pretty Serious Cosmetics “Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names” aka Pastel Pet Names Collection.

Such a great collection. They water marble like a dream*, work super well together and are just fun.
(*supposing you possess those freakish magic marble skills or have Russian genetics).

Also the starfish was supposed to be part of the typical beach scene, but when I went to apply it it kinda ‘fell’ where it was and refused to budge without damaging the whole thing, so single starfish it is! Have at it. I didn’t bother with the pearls and charms after that, they were going to be a little ruffian accent. There may be a video and you may see it in action. No guarantees. That shit takes time, yo!

And there was probably something else used to create this, but that’ll do ya! My fingers are about to fall off from typing… Geez, I need a day off!? Seriously.






  •  Plate 05 – hēhē plates

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