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The Story Of Swagger – Picture Polish Challenge

Swagger. Only select people have it. A person with Swag is electric ⚡ A magnetic persona that effortlessly oozes cool & charm. They carry themselves with a strong self-confidence, but no arrogance here. They don’t just make a behaviour theirs, they’ll own it. You can’t just bottle this shit and buy it from the corner store.

Swagger is not just an attitude, it’s a lifestyle – intrinsically who you are; The way you dress, the way you speak, the way you radiate ✨ None of this ‘fake it till you make it’ BS, this boldness comes naturally.

People notice when the Swag Master saunters into a room. Everyone wants a piece of them, wants to know them or wants to be them. Where others follow, the person with true swag leads. Always original, even in imitation. The epitome of cool 😎 It’s fearless, and this is what draws me to it.


This nail art uses the following @picturepolish shades: Totes, Tingle, Hot Lips & Metallic Mush, and the real star of this show, Swagger ⭐ It takes something special to have true swag, I find it alluring and enigmatic, so that’s why I chose it as the story to depict on my nails — using a range of (time-consuming) techniques 😂 in one of my kinda ‘signature styles’ that I don’t get to do very often (time & circumstance thang) might I add…

Like or dislike this style, my aim for the @picturepolishchallenges (host) x @clairestelle8 (the resident judge, aka, Simone Cowell?) ‘Nail Art 32017 Challenge’ was to mix it up and get a little creative. I set out to combine textures, finishes, techniques, forms + colour and I think I achieved that goal, if nothing else 💕

I’d say swipe right for the bottle shot, but it sounds a bit Tinder-ish 😂 Congrats if you made it this far 😁 More on the blog soon, look forward to seeing other entries 😊 Which you can too under #picturepolishchallenges and the @picturepolishchallenges challenge account if you wish to see ALL ENTRIES (click on the person in the tag icon “photos of …” to see them).

Oh well, I hope someone out there likes them, maybe all the effort will pay off or once LOL. Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see. I seriously almost didn’t bother with this one. Good luck if you entered! Leave your IG name in the comments so I can take a look 🙂




  • Totes – all by @picturepolish
  • Tingle
  • Hot Lips
  • Metallic Mush, and the real star of this show,
  • Swagger ⭐


  • Blood
  • Sweat (yes, real sweat cos I had to wait to kill a cockroach that was very close, just to enter it on time)
  • Tears

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