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Abstract Swipes On Coral Peach & Gold Gradient

Abstract Swipes On Peach & Gold Gradient. Probably not the most eloquent term to describe this mani of mine, but it will do. Some abstract nail art-ing was calling out for today 💕

Dry brushed & swiped gorgeous golden @essiepolish Good As Gold over a gradient of delightful warm cremes, Coral Fedora into Birthday Suit – both from @polishmylife

It’s something abstract – one of my go to faves, but one I haven’t done in a while… Missing it. I’m thnking I need to do more of what people would say is ‘my style’ – given it’s been a bit sporadic lately. Not doing only that, but just more of the negative space, geometric, abstract, hand-painted types of nails I am know for round here. That’s the plan as things pick up, anyhoo.

All these polishes are nice to apply, but those crèmes, like the rest of the brand, are awesome – so creamy you could carve it! 😍 See the second pic for the PML bottle line up.


Today’s @clairestelle8challenge prompt is Unseasonal, meaning whatever is out of season for you. For me that’s Summer & it’s warm, golden glow. Whilst it’s not long gone, you wouldn’t know it lately with the cloud cover ☁⛅ #clairestelle8march #essielove #polishmylife #abstractnails





  • Tiny studs from Japan

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