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Stars & Stripes – July 4th Nail Art Challenge

Sassy Abstract Stars & Stripes – July 4th Nail Art Challenge for the @clairestelle8challenge July 2018 first prompt.  A stamped one as I still don’t have time or energy for freehand ventures at the moment. Maybe once I have fixed the unruly tech issues and a few other things I can get back into that. But for now, Happy (Almost) Independence Day! to all my American friends and followers.


These were stamped using a MoYou London plate for a cool abstract lok over a gradient of reds and another of blue/indigo. You can’t even see it though cos I stamped with a pretty tightly detailed image, but oh well!

I’m hoping I have better luck with challenges(and freaking technology) in July. As I haven’t been having a good run with either. Plus this past week month has been super tough to achieve anything…!? Nail art seems like a distant memory and I am really wanting to change that, but life-stuff, time, energy and obligations all fighting with commitments and there is really only so much time in the day! But I also ain’t gonna run myself thin by trying to achieve it all, cos ain’t no-one got time fo’ dat!

Hope you like my Abstract Stars & Stripes – July 4th Nail Art, cos at this rate it’s probably the only one you’re gonna get haha! I mean from me, re: the above and all…




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