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Hawaiian Shirt Friday Vacation Nail Art

ALOHA! I’m doing a double whammy here. This is an early post for the @clairestelle8challenge x @uberchicbeauty Vacation prompt.

First up is the gloss version. God, I wish I was in Hawaii…! Hawaiian Shirt Nail Art is so much fun.

It’s also my first Hawaiian shirt inspired effort for the current run of #hawaiianshirtfriday! YAY! Not completely thrilled with them as I was rushing (so much on, head in a diff place kinda deal), but happy I finally to do SOMETHING for this 😁It’s an awesome theme haha! I have many more I’d like to do when I get a bit more time to sit down and paint nails. But for now let’s run with this…

Gotta jet – will update with the deets later. Details of items used are below in the jump box.

The MAHALO MATTE Version! Of this double whammy mani below 🌺 scroll more for a Hot Tub Time Machine to the 70’s version. I think I prefer this version just a smidge. It’s no secret I love matte looks though, so it’s hard not to appear biased hehe.

Hopefully I can catch up on posting some of the challenge manis & swatches I have over the weekend, but I’m still not completely back in action with the tech sitch 😊 #clairestelle8uberchic if you want to see more of the entries for the UberChic contest this month is paired with.

I leave you with a 70’s inspired photo version of my Hawaiian Shirt Nail Art below.




🌴 I Just Can’t Cope-acabana @opi@opiaustralia
🌴 Jukebox & Jitterbug @glistenandglow1
🌴 Bungee Jump in the Bahamas #glistenandglow
🌴 Fluffykins @prettyserious
🌴 Shadows of Darkness @hit_the_bottle
🌴 Good To Go TC @essie


🌴 BM-S409 @bundlemonster
🌴 BM-S303 #BundleMonster

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