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31DC2014 Day 09: Rainbow – Nauseated Unicorn

Today is day 9 of the 31 Day Challenge and soldier on we are! Nearly a third of the way through, and despite having done most of that over a weekend playing catch-ups, today’s theme is RAINBOW.

I call this one ‘Nauseated Unicorn’ – because that is exactly what it looks like. What started out as one thing, morphed into another and this is what we ended up with. It is sort of nearing Halloween, perhaps said unicorn had eaten too much candy? First trimester baby unicorn morning sickness? Hmm… After all the nausea I’ve endured lately – which sucked hard, but FYI was caused by neither candy nor a baby unicorn in my oven, it seemed fitting.




The base was water spotted and then middle three nails were topped with a textured spun sugar technique in six rainbow candy colours.

“Blergh!” goes the unicorn.

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  1. Cathy- More Nail Polish 9th September 2014 Reply

    Water spotted and sugar spun, I’m impressed, you’re such an over achiever! Your mani looks amazing for all the work you have done on it!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 16th December 2014 Reply

      Haha! Thanks Cathy! Yes, was too hard to decide, so I did both. 😉

      I have to apologise for the super late reply – been having a few lovely ‘hospital holidays’ so a little blog neglect and I only just discovered a series of comments that were for some reason sent to pending and spam but I was never sent a notice for. Didn’t see them on my mobile device. Gah! Promise I wasn’t ignoring anyone!? xx

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