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31DC2017 Day 19: Galaxies – Straight Up

Galaxy Nails are Outta This World! I battled space & time to post them!? A touch late, but seriously, what’s an extra light year compared to an aeon between friends? I mean let’s not split hairs here 😁

The #31DC2017 galaxy prompt conjured all sorts of great ideas but had to go with a good ol’ basic galaxy mani cos of the running theme in my challenge month: Time (but mostly in the sense of bad timing, little time, hard time. Oy vey.)

I did this on Violet Spark – a shimmering gel polish from @opallacgelpolish with nice gold-flecked inclusions (click the name to see the swatch I already posted and reviewed…). You can see more of the nice golden flecks in those photos as they had a tendency to hide in anything but direct light. 🚀

I used some @essiepolish@flossgloss & @polishmylife with @winstonia_store brushes, before getting sucked into a To-Do-List black hole. The End.




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