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Independence Day! July 4th Nails

Fourth of July nails! A day later, but this time deliberately so it was closer to the actual 4th of July. So stars and stripes it is! This also doubles as the first Clariestelle8 July Challenge prompt “Places You’d Love To Visit” (see the prompt in the next post) – with the Stars/Stripes riff on the American flag standing in for my aim to do an American road trip. I mixed it up a little with opposing the colours just to be different. Also cos the blue wavy pattern also reminds me of the sea, ergo, Blue Waves.


It’s one thing I haven’t got round to ticking off the bucket list yet, but not through any conscious choice of my own. Sometimes life has other plans, le sigh…

Until then I travel vicariously and lament my Armchair Vacay’s – given VR isn’t as good as the real thing and since almost eeeeveryyyooone I know is off hotelling in Europe, getting more bang for their buck in what’s left of the UK, and being all ‘oh look a nice warm beach!’ and posting pool photos where you have look closely to see if those are tanned legs or two hot dogs sticking up from the bottom 😁


So I used some funky vinyls – the gorgeous stars are from What’s Up Nails and the waves are from Pueen. Polishes listed below but they were topped off with my all time go to top coat HK Girl from Glisten & Glow. It’s amazing and been at the top of my top coat list for years – if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s like what Seche Vite should be – minus that horrendous shrinkage. Glossy, fast drying, long lasting. So yeah, believe the hype 😀



  • Dandy Lyin’ Around – China Glaze @chinaglazeofficial CGclique
  • El Corazon Active Bio-gel No423/623 Tsunami – @el_corazon_shop
  • El Corazon Active Bio-gel No423/626 Strawberry Margarita – @el_corazon_art_direct
  • HK Girl top coat – Glisten & Glow @glistenandglow1 HKGirlTopCoat


  • Wavy stencils – Pueen
  • Star stencils – Whats Up Nails
  • Kaleidoscope Cuticle Defender – #elcorazon

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